Contact Main Line Spine

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

General Inquiries

Call (610) 337-3111, Option 3 during our office hours* to speak to a customer service representative.

*Office Hours

Medical Appointment Requests

Appointments are scheduled during our regular office hours*.

*Office Hours

MLS Physical Therapy Office Inquiries and Appointment Requests

Call (610) 337-0427 to schedule or to speak to a Physical Therapy office representative.

NOTE: Main Line Spine Physical Therapy’s office hours and appointment scheduling availability are different than those of the Main Line Spine medical office. For a listing of current Physical Therapy office hours, click here.

To Reach Your Doctor or Provider

Reach your doctor or provider during our regular office hours*.

*Office Hours

To Request a Prescription Refill

Prescription refill requests are processed during our regular office hours*.

*Office Hours

Medical Records

Call (610) 337-3111, Option 5 during our office hours* to speak to a medical records representative.

*Office Hours

Billing Inquiries

For billing questions, call (610) 337-3111, Extension 134 (during our office hours*):


Main Line Spine is now offering the option to pay your bill through a text or email link. If you prefer a paper bill, one will be sent to you 5 days after you receive the text or email link.

Reaching All Other Extensions

If you know your party’s extension, call (610) 337-3111, followed their extension number (during our office hours*).

Contacting Us When Our Office Is Closed*

Cancel an Appointment

To cancel an appointment when our office is closed, call (610) 337-3111, Option 2 to leave a message.

Contacting Your Doctor After Hours

If you are not having a medical emergency but it is imperative that you speak to your doctor after hours, call (610) 337-3111, Option 1 or call 267-643-9310.