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Clinical Research Trials

Active Clinical Trials

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Main Line Spine’s clinical research trials!

At Main Line Spine, the needs of our patients come first. Part of our commitment is conducting medical research with the goal of helping patients live longer, healthier lives.

Through clinical studies, which involve people who volunteer to participate in them, researchers can better understand how to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases or conditions. We participate in clinical trials to offer new and innovative treatments for our patients with low back pain, joint issues, and a variety of other musculoskelatal conditions.


Volunteers are an integral part of the research process. People with a particular disease as well as healthy people both can play a role in contributing to medical advances. Without volunteers, clinical studies simply would not be possible.

People volunteer for clinical studies for many reasons. They may have a:

  • Desire to improve medical care for future generations
  • Connection to a certain disease or illness, whether through personal experience or through friends or family
  • Personal interest in science

Volunteering for a clinical study is a personal choice. You have no obligation to do so, and participation is not right for everyone. After enrolling in a study, you may leave at any time for any reason.


The researchers at Main Line Spine follow clinical trials guidelines when deciding who can participate in each particular study. These guidelines are called Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria. These criteria are based on factors such as age, gender, the type and stage of a disease or condition, treatment history, and other medical conditions. Our clinical trial coordinator and principal trial investigators can provide additional information about individual trials.

Learning More

We have two clinical trial programs at Main Line Spine – one led by Dr. Scott Davidoff and the other led by Dr. Jeff Rowe. Our Clinical Research Coordinator for both is Jane Vogel.

Our active clinical trials are listed on this page – click on the title of any clinical trial in that list to find out more details as well the key contacts for each trial. To learn even more and see if you are a candidate for treatment through one of our active clinical trials, or for research referrals or any questions, please contact Jane Vogel, our clinical research coordinator.

Jane Vogel

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jane Vogel
+1 (610) 337-3111 Ext. 173