About Us

We don’t approach treating spine, musculoskeletal, neurologic, and other related conditions and injuries in the way many other practices do. From the start, we believe that the most effective treatment plans for symptom relief and functional restoration are frequently the least invasive.

Main Line Spine has always stood out in its commitment to practicing Physical Medicine within a standalone medical practice. In the nearly 30 years since our founding, we’ve established a reputation as a preeminent destination for those seeking non- and minimally-invasive musculoskeletal and neurologic care. We continue to practice medicine as a noble calling.  While our growing size does afford us the ability to provide patients with a distinguished level of quality, we continue to base our measure of success on individual outcomes rather than aggregate statistics. Learn more about why you should entrust Main Line Spine with your care.

Our Origins

When Main Line Spine was established in 1993, many in the Philadelphia medical community thought the concept of a non- and minimally-invasive musculoskeletal and neurologic practice was too narrow to thrive independently. Our founder, Dr. Roy Lerman however, understood the untapped potential of the specialty from his residency at Stanford Medical School – and he brought back those advanced procedures to the Delaware Valley. In the intervening years, technological advancement and innovation have seen techniques in non- and minimally-invasive therapies rapidly grow while it has become increasingly viewed as a more desirable approach to medical care. Main Line Spine continues to be an active contributor to this revolution in medicine as it has been from the beginning.

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