About Main Line Spine

Specialists in Spine, Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Disorders – Finding Customized Paths to Restore the Quality of Life for Each of Our Patients

What We Are Known For

A patient discusses his musculoskeletal issues with his doctor.

If there is a minimally invasive treatment that can help you, Main Line Spine offers it.

Main Line Spine is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialty practice. We are known for providing non- and minimally-invasive, cutting-edge procedures to manage complex spine, musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders. We specialize in conditions that affect the spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

From back and joint injuries, to sports and work injuries, to pain management, we strive to help each patient regain quality in their lives and avoid major surgery.

More Than Three Decades

We were founded more than 30 years ago in 1993. Our goal then, as it is now, is to bring ongoing advancements in nonsurgical and minimally invasive, state-of-the-art medical treatments to the patient communities we serve.

Most of the doctors in our practice are Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicans, also known as Physiatrists. They have additional specializations in Spine Medicine, Pain Medicine and Sports Medicine. Our collective team of experts provides a diverse and supportive resource for each of our patients on their paths to recovery.

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Scott Davidoff, MD, discusses a patient treatment plan with a Physician Assistant colleague.

Advanced Procedures

Jeffery Rowe, MD, prepares for surgery.

Our practice is grounded in nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatment options that have proven effective for many patients. But we also don’t lose sight of those patients that have yet to find treatment options that work for them.

As a result, our search for new innovative procedure alternatives is unending. And part of our committment with this search is conducting clinical trial research with the goal of helping patients live longer, healthier lives.

We also established a special unit in our practice to focus on the most challenging patient cases that we come across. Our Center for Advanced Interventional Treatments uses a variety of therapies and treatment options that often provide renewed hope for many patients.

Exceptional Quality Care

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional care along every step of a patient’s treatment and recovery journey.

We regularly survey our patients’ experience after office or surgery center visits. That feedback, along with other initiatives, affords us opportunities to continue to improve.

No one knows us better than our patients. The patient reviews block immediately below offers a sampling of their current perspectives.

Denis Rogers, MD, specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, and Sports Medicine at Main Line Spine.