Travel Medicine


Travel Medicine

and Immunizations

International travel can present unique health risks and challenges that require some preparation. We will educate you on the current CDC recommendations for each country that you intend to visit as part of our personalized travel medicine program. Our personalized travel medicine services will help you get immunized, secure preventative health prescriptions, and be informed and prepared.

Concierge International Travel Medicine Services

Pre-Travel Needs Assessment

Tell us about your upcoming travel plans. We’ll customize a personalized plan based on where you will be going, your current medical conditions and any special needs and preferences that you may have. (We’ll also ask you to fill out an ‘International Travel Medicine Form‘ prior to you visiting for your initial consultation to help us serve you better.)

Recommended Immunizations

We’ll determine your immunization needs, and recommend and administer any necessary immunizations based on your destination(s). You may elect to have us come to you and provide your immunizations at your home or office. Or you may return for your immunizations at Main Line Spine’s King of Prussia location.


It’s wise to be prepared for the unexpected when you are far from home. If you contract a disease, it can be challenging to find the medical attention you may need. We can prescribe appropriate medications to take with you to help avoid, and if necessary, treat a disease until you can return home.

Healthy travel tips and information

We’ll provide tips and information on which foods and beverages to avoid. We’ll recommend other actions to take to reduce the possibility of infections or other medical problems. We’ll also provide you with a suggested list of additional “medical kit” items you should consider packing for your trip.

Wilderness Medicine

If you are adventurous and are traveling to remote settings, there are a myriad of additional issues for which you need to be prepared. In these cases, our personalized travel medicine services are extended to include high-altitude, mountaineering medicine, and vital emergency care contingency preparation.

Altitude Sickness

We can help you prepare for, diminish and even avoid the effects of common forms of altitude sickness. We can also help you understand high altitude conditions where you should seek immediate medical attention. There are also medications that can be used to address issues you might experience given your specific medical conditions and physiology.

Climbing Injuries

Our travel medicine medical director is a climber himself and intimately understands the challenges of addressing climbing injuries in the field. We’ll help you prepare for self-sufficiency in austere environments, as well as help you recover from injuries on your return.

Tropical Disease Prevention

Although immunizations are available for some tropical diseases, vaccines are not available for many others. If your travels will take you to locations at risk, we’ll help you properly prepare. In these cases, we’ll recommend prescriptive prophylactics and strategies to lessen the likelihood that you’ll be infected.