Sports Medicine

Sports injuries can be caused by an accident, impact, poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning, or insufficient warm-up and stretching. Muscle sprains and strains, tears of the ligaments and tendons, dislocated joints, fractured bones, and head injuries are common.

Whether you’re a recreational weekend warrior, an amateur competitor, or a professional athlete, Main Line Spine Sports Medicine provides specialized treatments and rehabilitation for sports-related injuries. Our team uses the latest medical advances and non- and minimally invasive techniques to reduce pain and speed healing.

Why Main Line Spine for Sports Injuries?

Main Line Spine’s doctors and clinical team have exceptional expertise in caring for athletes with all types of acute and chronic bone, joint, muscle, tendon, and other sports-related injuries and conditions.

When treating sports medicine patients, we organize a collaborative team that includes experts from within our practice and outside. Depending on your needs, a team may include a mix of physiatrists, physical therapists, orthopedists, and other medical experts focused on helping you return to your active life.

If there are conservative options that will help you with your sports injuries, Main Line Spine will find it. However, if we determine that an orthopedic surgeon or other medical specialists are appropriate for your course of treatment, we’ll pull that effort together and manage it.

Sports Injury Conditions We Treat

At Main Line Spine, a sampling of some of the sports injury conditions we treat include:

Beyond the sampling listed above, our doctors and clinical team focus on the full spectrum of sports injury problems that create issues for our patients. The treatment of sports injuries is often complicated with other conditions that must be addressed to resolve injuries and symptoms.