Bone Health

A Contemporary

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Bone Health

The Bone Health Program at Main Line Spine is committed to offering the latest advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis.

In the normal course of our lives, mature bone completely regenerates about every 10 years. This remodeling process removes old pieces of bone and replaces them with new, fresh bone tissue. This cycle keeps the bone and its cells healthy and strong and allows the bones to supply calcium to the body. When our bone strength deteriorates far faster than this rebuilding process, it results in osteoporosis – a disorder that can lead to severe bone loss. Those who have brittle, fragile bones from this condition can often sustain fragility fractures.

Why Choose Main Line Spine for the Treatment of Osteoporosis?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for treating patients with low bone mineral density from osteoporosis. But there are lifestyle changes, nutritional factors and medications which can dramatically slow the onset and/or progression of bone deterioration. Main Line Spine’s Bone Heath Program works with patients and develops individualized plans to promote optimal skeletal health.

We bring to each of our patients the latest in research, technology and patient care in the area of metabolic bone diseases and osteoporosis. These disorders are commonly caused by abnormalities with minerals, such as calcium or phosphorus, vitamin D, hormonal imbalance or kidney disease. We consider every possibility with each individual we treat to provide you with a complete approach to bone health.