June 2022

How Good Is This Team? Missy, Caroline & Jordyn

Find Out for Yourself What Makes Medi-Weightloss’s King of Prussia Core Team So Special


Why Worry About Weight Loss?

We were reading an article on the Cleveland Clinic’s website recently, where they provided a simple rundown of the reasons everyone should want to lose weight. They posited, “Is it for health reasons, cosmetic reasons, or both?”

Cleveland Clinic’s perspective is as follows. “The real reason you should want to lose weight is to reduce your risk for disease such as heart disease or diabetes. Feeling great should be next, for example, walking without pain or moving around more easily. Lastly, looking good is a good goal, but it shouldn’t be your only reason (think of it as a weight-loss perk).”

At Main Line Spine, we also consider the biomechanical stress on your weight-bearing joints. For example, the stress on your knees when walking on a flat surface can be 1 and a half times your body weight. The ratio if far greater when walking on inclines. Simply put, extra weight creates significantly more wear and tear on your joints over time – and makes it more likely that you’ll experience musculoskeletal issues over your lifetime.

It is also important to recognize that obesity has proven to be the number one risk factor for one’s ability to withstand a Covid infection. Those who are significantly overweight frequently have far more severe symptoms when they catch this disease.

How Do You Lose Weight?

We are all different. A few of us have incredible willpower – we just commit to a diet, and make it work. But most of us need help along the way – motivation, guidance, and the tools to succeed.

Of the many, many options available to help you on your weight loss journey, we believe that King of Prussia’s Medi-Weightloss is uniquely special. The office has been on a roll. As business grew and expanded, the office moved into a new private suite on the northwest corner of the Merion building – in Suite 108.

And we believe a major reason that this office stands out is because of a team of three core individuals: Missy, Caroline and Jordyn. We’d like to tell you a little more about each of them.

Eileen “Missy” Simpson, CRNP

Eileen Missy earned her undergraduate degree in nursing at Rowan University and completed her Masters and CRNP duo certification at Kaplan University in 2017. She splits her time between our Medi-Weightloss practice and serving as a certified registered nurse practitioner at a hospital in the Philadelphia area.

Missy found herself deeply concerned from the experiences she has had in ICUs and emergency rooms about the impact of being overweight on health. It inspired her to develop additional specialized expertise on weight loss.

We are continually impressed with Missy’s clinical medical expertise. But what makes her truly special is the way that she interacts with our patients. Everyone she meets with her comments on her upbeat, motivating approach.

Caroline Torres, Office Administrator

Caroline TorresCaroline Torres is the first one you’ll meet if you stop by the office. And while she is talented and special in many ways, she also was a successful patient of Medi-Weightloss King of Prussia. As we grew, she saw a place for herself on our team, and we are grateful that she joined us.

If you are evaluating what the Medi-Weightloss experience is like firsthand, Caroline will be happy to tell you about her story.

Jordyn Wallace, CRNP

Jordyn WallaceJordyn Wallace, CRNP is the newest member of our Medi-Weightloss team. She also splits her time and is a certified registered family nurse practitioner at Main Line Spine. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing undergraduate degree at La Salle University. After working as a registered nurse for 8 years, she earned her Master of Science in Nursing from DeSales University.

Jordyn’s blend of clinical expertise brings a unique capacity to King of Prussia’s Medi patients. Our clients uniformly find her to be comfortably approachable and thoughtful, and an important key to their weight loss success.

What Is the Medi Program?

Medi-Weightloss is a medically supervised, clinically proven program that is individually supervised for each individual patient. It includes medications and supplements designed to help with the weight loss process. Patients participating in the program can enjoy regular food supplemented by exclusive Medi-Weightloss products to lose weight and achieve their goals.

Still not sure if Medi-Weightloss is right for you? Give them a call at (267) 699-3900 and find out more about the program. We are confident that you’ll find the experience uplifting and motivating.

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