October 2020 / Healthcare During COVID-19

Don’t Postpone Your Healthcare Due to COVID-19

We’ve Implemented Many Measures at Main Line Spine That Will Help You Feel Safe and Secure

We are thankful for the feedback that our patients provide us after their visits, as well as during their appointments. This recent comment sums up many of the sentiments that we’ve heard in recent months:

“I’ve been so frightened by Covid-19, I delayed addressing my pain & discomfort. I was comforted by the safety measures taken at by Main Line Spine…” – Donna T

All of us will be living our lives within a lasting changed landscape for some time to come. It’s the new normal. But rest assured, all of our decisions at Main Line Spine are led by considering the safety of our patients and staff first.

When you visit a Main Line Spine office or our surgery center, you’ll find that we’ve set up enhanced protocols that ensure we can safely care for all patients. Our highest priority is making sure each and every one of our patients get the care they need, when they need it, in the safest way possible.

We all wish that we remained perfectly healthy, but there are times we need to visit Main Line Spine for the help we need to get back to what we love to do. It’s rational to be cautious in how you go about your daily life in these unusual times. However, when you do decide to visit us, you’ll find our focus on clinical safety will help you feel safe and secure.

If you visit our website at MainLineSpine.com, you’ll find up to date information on our commitment to your safety, expanded safety protocols, and more. When you make an appointment, your scheduler will walk you through the procedures to follow when you arrive, according to which office you will be visiting. Please ask your scheduler about any concerns you may have so that you feel comfortable about your visit.

At Main Line Spine, we continue to work hard to earn and maintain your trust. We look forward to helping you restore the quality of your life in a safe environment, while continuing to provide the exemplary care that you have come to expect from us.

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