Information for Main Line Spine Patients During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Patient and Staff Safety

All of our decisions are led by considering the safety of our patients and staff first.

We are taking extra precautions, including:

  • Rigorously cleaning and disinfecting after each patient, in accordance with infection control guidelines.
  • Requiring masks or surgical masks for all staff, patients and visitors (accompanying visitors will only allowed when a patient needs assistance, and will also be screened as detailed below)
  • Restricting access to waiting rooms and patient care areas so that they are only occupied when absolutely necessary.
  • Initiating new processes such as arrival check-in by phone, “outside the offices” pre-appointment health screening per CDC guidelines, and having patients wait in their vehicles until they are called to enter after they’ve cleared screening. (Click here for details on the procedures you must follow when you arrive for an appointment)

We will continue to update our procedures as deemed appropriate – and any changes will be detailed on this page when they occur.

In-Person Office Visits & Surgery Center Appointments

Before You Arrive

  • Please make sure that you have a face mask or surgical mask with you. It will be required for your appointment.
  • In most cases, you will not be allowed to bring anyone else into the building with you to your appointment. If you need assistance, you may bring someone with you, but they need a face mask or surgical mask too – and they will be screened in the same manner that you will be.

After You Arrive at King of Prussia (See below for procedures at all other offices)


When you first arrive at the Main Line Spine parking lot at King of Prussia, please call the appropriate reception desk from your car. They will instruct you when to enter the building.

For Doctors’ Offices Appointments: call (610) 337-3111, then select extension 118.

For Surgery Center Appointments: call (610) 337-2828.


After you have called the appropriate reception desk by phone, a Main Line Spine associate will screen you and take your temperature as you enter our facilities.

After You Arrive at Collegeville, Newtown Square or West Chester

Please follow the instructions given to you when you schedule your appointment. Your instructions will be specific to the Main Line Spine office location that you are visiting.

Scheduling an Appointment

If you need to schedule an appointment, please call (610) 337-3111, then select Option 4 to talk to a scheduler.

Telemedicine Appointments (Telehealth)

For some patients, a phone or video visit can be an appropriate way to see your Main Line Spine physician or physician’s assistant. We often use telemedicine appointments where an “in-person” appointment is not required.

Telemedicine patients have the option of meeting with their Main Line Spine practitioner by either our secure video system or by phone only.

Scheduling for all appointments – whether by telemedicine or “in-person” – is done by calling (610) 337-3111, Option 4 to speak to a scheduler.

To Reach Your Doctor or Refill a Medication

To reach your doctor or refill a medication, please call (610) 337-3111, and select Option 7.

Physical Therapy Appointments

Main Line Spine Physical Therapy at King of Prussia is open for in-person clinic treatments.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Main Line Spine Physical Therapy, please call (610) 337-0427 during normal business hours.

Billing Questions

If you have billing questions, please call (610) 337-3111, then select extension 127 or 175 during normal business hours.

Medical Record Inquiries

If you need to contact our medical records team, please call (610) 337-3111, then select option 5 during normal business hours.

Inquiries from Doctors or Medical Professionals

If you a doctor or medical professional and would like to speak to one of our doctors, please call (610) 337-3111, then select option 3.

Thank You

We apologize for the inconvenience these requirements and procedures may pose to you and your family, and we appreciate your understanding. Its all about staying focused on keeping everyone as safe as possible.