General Musculoskeletal Pain and Problems

For some patients, the symptoms of their medical issues are broader than one focal point in their body. They are challenged from the outset to determine what kind of specialist with whom to make an appointment. Providing big-picture insights to help patients understand their full spectrum of treatment options across these kinds of complex medical issues is at the core of the physiatry specialty.

Main Line Spine physiatrists help a wide range of patients, including those suffering from injury, disease, or general musculoskeletal pain. Our medical experts focus on whole-body treatment for the musculoskeletal system and its pain-causing disorders. Our goal is to help each patient recover their functional well-being and return to a healthy and functional life.

As a patient, the big-picture approach taken by our physiatry experts will set the foundation to close in on a diagnosis of your medical issues and outline an appropriate course of treatment. If additional specialists are appropriate, we’ll pull together a team of medical professionals to optimize each patient’s treatment – using both experts from within our practice as well as from outside.