Why Choose Main Line Spine?

Physiatry is all that Main Line Spine does. Since its founding in 1993, Main Line Spine has evolved into one of the few practices in the nation exclusively dedicated to the full spectrum of services available under the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation branch of medicine.

This means that whether you need treatment for spinal disorders, neck, back or joint problems, knee, shoulder or sports injuries, or chronic pain, we consider every option available – and your care will come from an expert in their field.

When you choose Main Line Spine, you’ll know that if there is a minimally invasive treatment that will be effective for you, we’ll find it. From the routine to the complex, our consistent goal is to restore the quality of life for each of our patients.

In cases where we’ve exhausted the alternatives at our disposal, and surgical intervention is required, we’ll continue to collaborate with your extended medical team. You can count on Main Line Spine to stick with you every step of the way with your goal of achieving the safest and most effective results.

Learn more of why Main Line Spine continues to provide the best possible outcomes below:

Safety the #1 Priority

Clinical Team Washing Hands

Core to our culture is an obsessive focus on maintaining the highest standards in safety protocols, medical procedures, and professionalism. We strive to provide you with the peace of mind that you’re receiving the best possible care – along with better outcomes accordingly.

Customized Care

Examination by Dr. Scott Davidoff

There is no routine patient at Main Line Spine. We make no assumptions at the start, and develop each clinical evaluation in depth. We know from long experience that the process of finding an effective treatment can vary significantly with each individual.

Innovation, Research, and Leadership

Clinical Research Preparation

Main Line Spine physicians are active in developing new minimally-invasive surgical procedures, testing new devices, and evolving new treatments. As part of our research efforts, we run clinical trials in order to offer new and innovative therapies to our patients. Our physicians are regularly sought out to teach doctors at other practices across the country in advanced therapies and techniques.

No One Knows Us Like Our Patients

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We regularly measure the experience of our patients after their office or surgery center visits to ensure that we provide outstanding care. Usually, that feedback shows that we exceed expectations. Regardless of where patient comments fall on the spectrum, we take the time to learn from it all – and make improvements accordingly. We invite you to browse the feedback from other patients as you evaluate us for your needs:

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